What Is Offset Printing?

An example of offset printing service products by Visual Publish

Offset printing service, also called offset lithography, is the workhorse of printing. Offset printing services in Singapore is easily one of the most common methods of mass production printing technology. It involves the indirect print technology in which the print is transferred within the main flexible aluminium plate with a blanket cylinder.

It begins at the pre-press stage where digital files, both text and art elements, are broken down by colour separation. The designs are then laser etched onto undercoated aluminium plates, loaded onto a roller known as the plate cylinder. Each revolution dampens the non-image area of the plate with water from the dampening system. A vegetable oil-based ink is then passed through a series of rollers and finally onto the image area of the plate. Singapore offset printing services works on this basic and simple principle: ink and water do not mix as water goes to the non-image area while the ink adheres to the image area. The image area of the plate picks up ink from the ink rollers while the water rollers keep the ink off of the non-image areas of the plate. The images on metal plates are then transferred or offset onto another cylinder with a rubber blanket or rollers and from the rubber blanket to the print medium. Offset printing derived their name from this exact process; as the image does not come into direct contact with the print medium from the plates.

Visual Publish is one of the many Singapore offset printing service companies that prints on any media

The best plate material is aluminium and there is a separate plate for each of the primary colours involved in the printing production – black, cyan, magenta and yellow. Paper loaded The main advantage of this indirect process is in its result of high and consistent quality. Offset printing service produces clearer and sharper image quality and in addition, the flexible rubber conforms readily to the surface of any media allowing the process to be highly effective on rough-surfaced media such as canvas, cloth, leather, metal, plastic and wood. The print medium, usually paper, will be loaded at the start of the offset printing service Singapore process and is separated by jets of air to ensure that only a piece of paper travels into the machine at any given time. The paper would then go through in-between the blanket cylinder and the impression cylinder where it will receive the printed image before it’s passed on to the next unit to receive the next remaining colours. After the page has travelled through each of the units, the paper will be piled at the end of the press with a thin layer of powder separating each page so that the printed image can dry without smudging or marking the pages above and below.

Visual Publish is a well-established printing company providing offset printing service in Singapore

With more than 15 years in the business, Visual Publish Pte Ltd is a well-established and reliable printing company that provides offset printing service in Singapore. Although Visual Publish Pte Ltd is one of the many Singapore offset printing service companies, the company strives to provide reliable, affordable and quality offset printing service that includes booklets, brochures, catalogues flyers, name cards, presentation folder and name cards to all their clients.