Will sticker printing help to market my company?

Nowadays, companies have been going towards social media marketing for their business in terms of marketing and advertising. To a point that these companies have grown so dependent on online marketing that they forget about the good old traditional marketing: brochures, flyers, leaflets, and even stickers!Yes, stickers! Most of us forget what stickers can do to help market the company better. We often think of stickers as child’s play – cartoonish and carry no message behind the design of the sticker. However, we tend to forget that stickers are not only for collecting in sticker albums, but it’s also for decal pasting purposes. In terms of sticker marketing materials: stickers can be pasted on any everyday materials –laptop cover, hand phones– even walls, cars and motorcycle decals, etc. The flexibility of sticker printing is endless!

The good thing is sticker printing as marketing materials; need not apply if your company only does delivery services or technical handling services. It can actually apply to any company, which makes this great marketing collateral if you are a start-up company as it is cheap, and a trendy way of getting a word of mouth in public. A great example would be a street-wear clothing company, “Supreme”—this company is known for its youth skateboarding culture influence, and has since been a breaking trend in the world for keeping in touch with their target audience via both traditional and new media marketing. “Supreme”, alongside other street-culture brands, such as: Vans, Obey, etc. This example is effective in showing people that sticker as marketing collateral is just as on demand as other forms of marketing collateral.

Costum Sticker Printing

In Singapore, there are several reputable printing companies that offer sticker printing services. In order to find a reputable printing supplier; typed in, “sticker printing Singapore”. The service that these printing company offers for stickers may challenge you in terms of your creativity, as they offer not only printing in different shapes but custom die cut sticker printing too. Additionally, the availability of printing your stickers in different materials will help you in your marketing strategy. Such as, waterproof synthetic stickers would be great for decals pasting purposes, and PVC stickers are good for automobile accessories. Additionally, pasting stickers on windows is made possible with this sticker material: static cling window sticker. A company that manufactures windows may want to opt for static cling window sticker. This, itself will help a lot in terms of marketing for the company.

For companies that are doing events will stand a chance to reap the most reward for this; as stickers are collaterals that are often used in corporate events; such as for accessories decals, lanyards, etc. This also depends on how creative the company wants to get with sticker printing for their event. Each sticker materials have their own pros and cons, and have its purpose. Thus, it is important before the company print stickers; to check with the printer supplier the type of marketing collateral they are going for and ask them for recommendation prior to printing.

A good printing supplier will not only show the portfolio of what they have done over the years, but also will look through on the sticker templates that you have come up with and give suggestions on the proper sticker materials for your sticker printing.