Things to Consider When Getting Sticker Printing Services

Stickers are a good way to promote products, services and the brand itself. Even though digital media has become a popular trend in marketing today, many businesses still use sticker printing services to help advertise their brand. It is a cost-effective and efficient method of advertising whether your business is small, big or somewhere in between.

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Indeed, stickers are great promotional vehicles to improve brand recognition and promote sales. However, there are a few reminders to keep in mind when you plan to get sticker printing services. Adhering to these tips can help ensure you get the perfect stickers that represent your business.

Sticker Printing Services Tips

Professional Design

When it comes to sticker printing, the first thing that captures the eyes of the people is obviously the design. A sticker with impressive design will surely spark interest and eventually lead to enquiries about what it is. With the help of several designing tools, it is easier to design the stickers based on the business requirements. You can easily amend the design if you don’t like it or change the colours according to your preference. Be sure that the design is relevant to the target audience. If you are targeting mothers, for instance, the design should be related to mothers. If the target audiences are millennials, make sure the design is up-to-date to truly catch their attention. Once you have the design, you can look for the best Singapore sticker printing services and give them the design.

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Volume and Cost

Worried about the cost of the sticker printing services? Most of the time the cost is associated with the volume you intend to acquire. The more stickers you require, the less is the cost per sticker. Printing companies usually offer a lower or discounted price if you order in bulk. This is why it is advisable to order sufficient stickers – enough for the entire campaign, to increase the success rate and save money. If you plan to use the same stickers for a future campaign, then the greater quantity you order the better. You will save time designing, contacting the printing company and waiting for the stickers to be printed. So, you should decide the quantity before contacting the printing firm.


The sticker material is an important factor that you should always consider when printing stickers. The material is critical since it will determine the longevity of the stickers. Think of the possible elements to which the stickers will be subjected. Can your stickers endure them? Or will they peel off after a couple of days? Your business stickers should be able to survive varying elements; so it should be tough, resilient and water resistant.

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Vinyl is a popular option for stickers since it is known for its long-lasting quality. The stickers’ durability is enhanced with a gloss finish which can protect against different climatic elements. Be sure to check the vinyl stickers if they have crack and peel backing for easy removal. The worse thing that can happen is seeing your customers struggle to peel off the back part of your strikers.

Don’t forget to check with the sticker printing services provider if they have other options for vinyl.