I just help my company design & publish their brochure. Yippie!

The other day, I was discussing about the company’s business growth with my business partners, and realized that we didn’t have enough money to support ourselves in terms of marketing and advertising. Being a small startup company; money has always been the biggest setback for us– most of the company’s money going towards the manufacturing of the products and projects. With the balance of the company’s money, it wasn’t enough for the company to engage in social media marketing services. Despite knowing that social media marketing brings effective results and response, I decided to not risk the company’s finance and choose to go ahead with a traditional marketing approach, instead.In terms of the company’s marketing and advertising strategy, we wanted printed collateral that does not only provide the company’s contact, but also inform the public about the company’s information, provide a product catalogue, and detailed descriptions about the services that the company provides to the customers. I thought about it long enough, “Which marketing collateral help me to achieve all that?”, and researched on the different types of marketing collateral until I found one: brochures.

I was amazed at how a brochure can still be creative, informative and portable enough for a person to put inside their bag and refer to it when they have to. Additionally, I was even more amazed at how brochures are simple enough for a person like me who has no background in graphic design to design it. I’m not kidding when I say anyone can design their own brochures– professionally. Brochure templates can be found in both Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint, and if you do not have these software; you can download brochure templates for free online.

Upon finishing the design, I decided to go ahead and print the brochures. When the printing was done, I took a closer look and didn’t really like it. It wasn’t the design that I didn’t like, it’s the printing quality that didn’t really go well with me. I checked with my business partners to see what they think of it, and they too didn’t like it because of the printing quality and asked me to contact a company that provides brochure printing in Singapore. I searched for companies online and found one that seems to be promising enough, which is ‘Vpublish’.

I quickly dropped them an email to inquire if it’s possible to print brochure in a day, with the most affordable price that they can offer. In less than 15 minutes, a representative from ‘Vpublish’ replied to my email and mentioned that it is possible to get my brochures printed in one day and asked for the quantity of brochures to be printed. I quickly replied and a few minutes later, I got a reply offering me at the most affordable price according to the quantity that I requested for. I was thrilled as the quantity that I requested for is in bulk and the price was lesser than I expected. After a few emails exchange, Vpublish assured me that they will get my brochures printed according to the time I request to collect and recommend me to opt for digital printing for a higher quality result and fast printing.

Upon reaching Vpublish to collect the brochures, I was greeted with warm hospitality by the staff. Not only was I impressed but my brochures looked good too; as expected: high quality printing. Thanks to ‘Vpublish’ prompt service, my company managed to launch our marketing to the public in a day and get results on the spot!