3 Tips To Look Out For When Choosing An Offset Printing Company

Looking for an offset printing company to print your brochures, flyers, pamphlets and name card? Before you go on a website search and typed, “Offset Printing Singapore”; perhaps, these 3 tips will help you in looking out for the best offset printing company.

The first tip would be, look out for quotation price that the offset printing company is offering to you – one must keep in mind that when it comes to printing, if it is being printed in bulk, the price offered should be lower. If the price offered is higher, the offset printing company is not being honest with you.

The second tip to look out for when it comes to choosing an offset printing company would be have them explained to you the difference between digital and offset printing. A reputable and reliable offset printing company will explain the procedures of both offset printing and digital printing. You should be able to pick which printing service is better for you, once you know that digital printing does not use plates to transfer ink to paper, which offset printing do. As a result, digital printing is known for being quicker to print than offset printing. The big difference is, digital printing cannot support larger format printing and mass production of prints, which is what, sets it apart from offset printing. It may be quick, but it isn’t able to meet the demands of a larger dimension printing, such as an a2 poster size.

The third and most important tip would be, ask the offset printing company for their portfolio. If they refuse to show their portfolio, it’s better to not engage in their service. Usually, offset printing companies have years in experience with printing – if they are not willing to show you their portfolio, better to stay away as you will not have a promising result with your printing. After all, the whole point of engaging in their service is to get a high quality printing result. Moreover, with a portfolio, you will be able to browse the different printing materials you can request to achieve your ideal marketing collateral. This will also allow for a better interaction on what would make your marketing collateral look better.

Remember, “You design, you print, and you pay”; however, these 3 tips are essential for you to know to assure you have the printing result that you want, at the end of the day.

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