Looking for a cheap and good name card printing supplier in Singapore

When I started my start-up business, I was often told that having your own business name card is crucial – not only for yourself but also to spread the word around about the company that you work in. At first, I did not want to opt for any name card printing services as I felt that a Facebook page was enough to promote my business to the public. Little did I know that, some people prefer the old method of keeping name cards in their wallet for easy reference, and these “some people” happened to be my potential customers!

Before I proceed to come up with a name card design, I researched on what makes a name card design effective without making it look too complicated. After much research on name card designs, I came up with 3 key rules to a good name card: professional, attractive and memorable. These 3 keywords may look like the easiest criteria I’ve set myself with, but I soon found out that it was pretty tough for a person like me with zero background in graphic design to come up with a decent name card design.

I begin to look for templates online and to my surprise, there were many to choose from! I was delighted that a part of my stress has been lifted off! Then I remember that even though there were many templates to choose from, I still do not have a logo for my own company. I pretty much felt hopeless, yet I continue to research on logo designs. To my surprise, there were as much logo templates as there are for name card design templates.

The templates available has helped me a lot in coming up with a rather decent name card. However, I wanted to customize my name card design to create a pop-up effect. The reason I wanted a pop-up effect is because my company holds event services and I wanted to give out a fun vibe to the public. In order to do that, I have to find a printing supplier that provides name card printing in Singapore. This is where I stumbled upon, “Vpublish”—it reached out to me that Vpublish provides extensive printing services. However, I stay put to what I was initially looking for and was impressed by the description of the service that Vpublish provide for their name card printing in Singapore.

I quickly called, “Vpublish”, to ask whether it was okay to set up a meeting with them, on the same day. Upon knowing that it was okay to meet, I quickly collect all my design templates and headed off to “Vpublish”, to discuss about my name card design ideas. I was pleased to know the person that attends to me was not only friendly, but also helped me a lot in making my name card design idea come true. She went through all my design templates, and even gave ideas on what could improve and showed a few designs from their portfolio to give more inspiration. After a few touch ups, I was ready to print name cards. Upon confirming that my name cards are ready to print, I was informed that printing my name card will take 2-3 days and it will be delivered to me, personally – instead of having to go back and collect it myself.

I have to say I am very impressed with the service provided by Vpublish – not only are they helpful, they are also top notch in their service. I can confirm this as it has been 2 days and I have received my name card; it does not only look better after the touch-up, but it also look high quality as promised by Vpublish!

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